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pump primer

Pump Primer


Pump Primer is uniquely formulated to provide the concrete pumper with a cost-effective replacement for premium priced grout, primer slurries or bagged cement primers. As pumping aid it enables the pumping of harsh, lean or over – watered mixes, reduces line pressure and increases the range of pump ability. Pump Primer is a lubricating agent for pipe and hose. Pump Primer is compatible with all conventional concrete materials. Pump primer will have no any deleterious effect on the structural integrity of the product.



For Pump Priming: Use one 250gram bag in 30 Liter of water to prime 30 meter of 5-in pump line. Remove the outer bag and add the water soluble bag of product to 30 liter of water. Mix for 2-3 minute, and then allow the mixture to set for at least 5 minutes. For Concrete mixes with super plasticizers, increase mix water content by 30 liter to reduce line blockages. Pour into the priming port or hopper just prior to pumping.


18 months from date of manufacturing if it would be stored in unopened and undamaged original sealed containers protected from moisture at temperature between +50C and +300C.

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