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Grade : PEARL WHITE (Glaze)

Form : Powder


Clay is a naturally hydrated aluminum silicate. It is one of the most earth's crust. The chemical formula is Al2O3. 2SiO2. 2H2O.

Endura is offering premium quality clay is available in lump & micronized powder form . Our product has always stand distinct with its uniqueness in comparison with other competing products.

The salient features of our product are

Super fine clay with perfect blend of mineralogy and particle size distribution.

High alumina with low silica contributes high flexural strength at dry and fired condition.

Even distribution of particle size characterized by excellent rheological & slacking properties.

Low iron and titanium concentrations contribute added brightness at firing condition.

Yield quantified reinforcement function in slip casting process.

Note: The results mentioned are determined by our standard laboratory test methods, since the product is naturally occurring mineral, Endura reserves the right to change the data, as when required.
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