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Soda Feldspar


Grade : Soda Feldspar Premium

Form : Powder

Feldspar (predominantly orthoclase phase) is one of the forms of feldspar.

It is a silicate of aluminum containing potash, soda etc which forms with even cleavage planes. This feldspar is distinguished from the other form by its content of potassium.

Endura offering fine quality high purity feldspar both lumps and powder form .Our product has always stand distinct with its uniqueness in comparison with other competing products.

The salient features of our product are

High alkali content and balanced chemistry speed up the transition rate of glass phase in vitrified tiles.

Improve the maturity at desired temperature and also imparts better compactness.

Increase the fired flexural strength in the tile body.

Homogeneous particle size distribution exhibits better thermal properties.

Stabilize the firing temperature with broad thermal range.

Contribute good whiteness and glossiness.

Note: The results mentioned are determined by our standard laboratory test methods, since the product is naturally occurring mineral, Endura reserves the right to change the data, as when required.
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