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Grade : EWP-20

Form : Micronized Powder

Talc Powder EWP 20

Talc is a naturally available hydrous Magnesium Silicate available on earth crust. Talc chemical formula is Mg3Si 4 O10 (OH)2

Endura offering fine quality Talc and is available in both lump and micronized powder form . Our product has always stand distinct with its uniqueness in comparison with other competing products .

The salient features of our product are

Inherent purity and softness.

Balanced particle size distribution.

Special cost effective product for ceramic usage , which lower the firing cycle and quickening the firing cycle.

High thermal conductivity and lower electrical conductivity.

High scattering property & ductile strength.

Excellent filler property.

Note: The results mentioned are determined by our standard laboratory test methods, since the product is naturally occurring mineral, Endura reserves the right to change the data, as when required.
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