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“Let us recover & convert wastes to valuable resource and save energy with latest sustainable technologies”

Endura, brand of Prism Johnson Ltd. is proud to introduce Lab Scale, Pilot, Packaged, Mobile, Tailor-Made Process & Non-Water Process units with state of the art, in-house developed Ceramic Membranes with complete design & engineering, system integration in collaboration with other world class technology providers for multiple applications & multiple industries.


Drinking Water

RO Pretreatment for Brackish Water & Desalination

Pretreatment to Demineralization

Side Stream Filtration

Process Water for Food Contact

Ingredient Water for Beverages

Evaporator Condensate Polishing

Tire Condensate Polishing

Fruits & Vegetable Fume Water

Process Water Cleanup & Recycle

Boiler Condensate Polishing

Process Condensate Polishing & Treatment

Removal of Oil

Oil Filtration

Removal of Iron

Removal of Heavy Metals

Swimming Pool Side Stream Filtration

Mining Industry Wastewater

Car Wash Stations

Grey Water Treatment

water application


*Fine Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Industry:

Gentle API concentration & purification

Non-Thermal solvent recovery & management

Room temperature solvent exchange

Broths for antibiotics production

Amino acids production

Enzyme solutions

Purification of organics

Pharmaceutical Industry

*Oil & Petro Chemistry:

Removal of tar components in FCC feed

Purification of gas condensates

Purification & desalination for nanometer particles slurry


Used oil recovery

Petro Chemistry

*Bulk Chemistry:

Continuous recovery of homogeneous catalysts

Decolorization of products

Product polishing

Petro Chemistry

*Natural Oils & Products:

Fractionation of crude extracts

Enrichment of natural compounds

Natural oil processing

Gentle separations

Petro Chemistry

*Food & Beverage Applications:

Lactose & cheese whey concentration

Milk concentration

Cheese whey desalting

Brine clarification

Pharma grade lactose

Demineralization of milk product

Protein retention

Yogurt concentration & fat removal

Fruit & vegetable juice

Clarification of Vinegar, Soy

Beverage Applications

*Sugar & Alcohol Applications:

Concentration of diluted sugar streams

Sugarcane Juice Clarification


Sugar concentration

Wine adjustment

Wine de-acidification

Wine clarification

Whisky distillation recovery

Corn wet milling

Alcohol Applications


Acetic acid purification & concentration

Concentration of aqueous sugar streams

Separation of dissolved chemicals from an aqueous sugar stream

Separation of hemicelluloses sugars from dilute acetic acid solutions

Purification of organic acids from fermentation processes

Ethanol purification


*Dextrose Purification:

Sugar fractionation

Sugar demineralization

Alcohol Applications

*Metal Industry:

Chromic Acid removal & recovery

Recovery of Nickel & Copper

Recovery of Precious Metals

Recovery of Copper

Recovery of Tungsten

Purification of Phosphoric Acid

Purification of Nickel Sulfate

Metal Industry

*Sludge Treatment:

Faecal Sludge Treatment

Leachate Treatment

Sewage Treatment

Oil & Grease Removal from CNC Machines

Sludge Treatment


In-house Ceramic Membranes

Conventional & Specialty Resins

Tubular Membranes

Integrated Membranes with MF/UF/NF/RO

Pervaporation/Vapor Permeation Membranes

Main components on the skids consists of membrane modules, feed tank, centrifugal/dosing pump, instruments, back flush tank, CIP unit, control panel, valves, piping.

Material of construction like SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, FRP, UPVC, CPVC

Material of seals like EPDM, Fluoro Rubber, Silicon

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