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Sewage or Black Water, is commonly defined as wastewater generated from toilets, it could be combined with other domestic activities such as urinals, laundry, dishwashing and bathing which can be recycled & reused on-site for low end applications after treatment.

ENDURA, brand of Prism Johnson Ltd. is pleased to introduce most ecofriendly Natural Bio Sewage Treatment Plants with Ceramic Membranes. These plants effectively & efficiently treat sewage.


Ceramic Membranes have revolutionized the filtration methods & technologies due to following advantages:

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Longer service life than polymeric membranes

High temperature & pressure resistant

High biofouling compatibility

Superior chemical & abrasion resistance

Can withstand pH from 0 – 14

USP of Natural Bio Sewage Treatment:

Zero sludge & zero odor

Lowest operation & maintenance costs

Lowest civil construction costs

Minimal foot print area

Can be partial underground

Septic tank is not required OR existing septic tank can be converted to natural bio sewage treatment

Most environment friendly

Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures result in lower cost

Unit is easily transported to the customer’s project site

Design allows for quick turnaround time for delivery and installation

Custom design/application specific systems

Can easily meet CPCB discharge norms

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Urban/Rural areas including communities, industries & office buildings for

Irrigation and agriculture


Toilet flushing

Floor cleaning

Car washing

Construction water

Dust/Fly ash sprinkling/cooling

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Process Schematics:

Process Schematics
ceramic membrane treatment Plants


Endura Natural Bio Sewage Treatment Plants are designed with wide range of flow rates from 2 KLD to 500 KLD.

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