Our R & D department is recognised by Department of
Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India
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The most modern dies and moulds solution provider for ceramic tile manufacture in India.


Mechanical panel punch, Isostatic Panel punches up to 1500 x 1000mm.

Surface punches (plain, rustic & geometrical)

Metal punches (Induction hardened mirror polished chrome plated).

Reconditioning and calibration of SMU/ SFS/ SPE with all of its general spares.

Manufacturing and reconditioning of any type of Die sets suitable for any presses.

All varieties of rustic & geometrical masters.

Liners of D2, D3 with Plasma Nitriding & Tungsten Carbide Liners.

Magnetic Block / Dummy & Cover bellows


Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).Make:- Mitutoyo

Swiss made micro height to measure dimension.

Specially designed Hydraulic Test Rig to test SMU & SFS.

FEELER make VMC (X-710 mm, Y-500 mm, Z-450 mm, & Table size 700X400 mm).

NICOLAS CORREA, Spain make VMC for bigger size punches & Die set machining (X-2500 mm, Y-2000 mm, Z-800 mm, & Table size 3000 mm X 1250 mm).

BFW make - BMV 70 series VMC (X-1500 mm, Y-800 mm, Z-800 mm, & Table size 1500 X 800 mm).

ELB Make surface grinder for precision grinding having sizes 2000 mm X900 mm within 20 micron accuracy.

Blanchard Make Rotary Surface Grinder. Dia.770mm

ROSSI make Hydraulic press for resin molding process.

Range:-1) 450 X 900 mm
                2) 1000 X 1500 mm.

In-House CAD/CAM facilities for innovative design.

In house Blank machining facility for suitable delivery time.

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