frits for tiles


Frits are vitreous compounds that are manufactured using high-purity raw materials. Firstly, these materials are melted at a very high temperature and then quenched in water to form a friable mass.
Frits are one of the important components that are present in many types of materials and compositions. Its use is imperative in glazes. Frits play an important role while compounding enamels in ceramic glazes. When combined with silica and other oxides, the pre-fusion makes the soluble and toxic components insoluble.

For making industrial ceramic glazes, frits are added to the ceramics by grinding zinc oxide and boric acid with zirconium. The mixture is heated at a high temperature. The frit is added to a lithium titanate ceramic powder when quenched and crushed.

Features of Frits

A majority of frit is used in the making of glazes. The frits are applied to the ceramic body. It makes the substance more:

  • Impervious
  • Mechanically stronger
  • Scratch resistant
  • Chemically inert
  • Hygienic
  • Pleasing to look at and feel.

Benefits and uses of frits

The advantages of ceramic glaze frit are:

  • Using frits is essential to get the desired shape of the objects.
  • It is often treated as an intermediate material, which is used in the manufacture of glass.
  • Frits are used in industrial ceramic glazes. The presence of oxides in the raw materials makes the mixture soluble. Soluble substances impact viscosity, thixotropy, fluidity, etc. Frit mixes make the materials insoluble.
  • Frit improves the safety of toxic metals like lead, etc. Hence, it is also known to augment the safety of ceramic production workers.
  • Frits remains consistent and can be used frequently.
  • Frits are effective in lowering the melting temperature.
  • It is also known to improve melt predictability.
  • Frit is a predictable, absolute, and less relative compound.
  • It ensures that the manufacturers experience homogeneity in the melt.
  • Unlike raw materials, it allows you to get oxide blends.
  • Frit improves decoration quality.

Due to these advantages, the frits are immensely used in refractories, electronic parts, decorating enamels, sanitaryware, specialty coatings, pottery glazes, vitrified abrasives, etc.

Frits uses in various industries

  • Refractories & Electronic Parts: Using frits is essential to get the desired shape of the objects.
  • Sanitaryware and pottery Glazes: Used extensively in decorative and functional ceramic applications.
  • Specialty Coatings: Employed in creating durable and decorative finishes for ceramic products.

The Versatile Power of Frits

Frits stand as indispensable components in ceramic manufacturing, enriching products with enhanced properties, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Their multifaceted utility spans across diverse industries, ensuring superior quality and functionality in a wide array of ceramic applications.