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Bio Glass Bio Frit

Demineralisation of dental tissues are most often caused by bacterial sugar, by dissolution of stomach acid and by consumption of acidic foods and drinks. Tooth sensitivity is a very common condition caused by weakening or wearing down of the protective outer enamel coating on your teeth. That loss of protection exposes the layer underneath the enamel. While consuming hot or cold substances such as coffee or ice cream, fluid flow in those tubules triggers the sensation of pain that is the absolute annoyance we call tooth sensitivity.

This damage must be mitigated through the protection of the tooth surfaces and replacement of lost tooth minerals, all tasks where bioactive glass technology can offer tremendous benefits. Bioactive glass toothpastes, for sensitive teeth, works by blocking dentin tubules and offers much long-lasting effective blockage. Brushing with Bioglass based sensitivity toothpaste results in release of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate ions to form a protective layer on the tooth’s surface.

Bioactive glasses are derived from the family of calcium phosphosilicate materials that are degradable in body fluids such as saliva. They act as a vehicle for delivering ions beneficial for both healing and remineralization.

Major features :

  • Reduces dental sensitivity
  • Reliefs from sensitivity pain
  • Remineralization of the enamel
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Improves the oral hygiene