dies moulds and punches

Dies Moulds & Punches

The most modern dies and moulds solution provider for ceramic tile manufacture in India.


  • Mechanical panel punch, Isostatic Panel punches up to 1500 x 1000mm.
  • Surface punches (plain, rustic & geometrical)
  • Metal punches (Induction hardened mirror polished chrome plated).
  • Reconditioning and calibration of SMU/ SFS/ SPE with all of its general spares.
  • Manufacturing and reconditioning of any type of Die sets suitable for any presses.
  • All varieties of rustic & geometrical masters.
  • Liners of D2, D3 with Plasma Nitriding & Tungsten Carbide Liners.
  • Magnetic Block / Dummy & Cover bellows


  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).Make:- Mitutoyo
  • Swiss made micro height to measure dimension.
  • Specially designed Hydraulic Test Rig to test SMU & SFS.
  • FEELER make VMC (X-710 mm, Y-500 mm, Z-450 mm, & Table size 700X400 mm).
  • NICOLAS CORREA, Spain make VMC for bigger size punches & Die set machining (X-2500 mm, Y-2000 mm, Z-800 mm, & Table size 3000 mm X 1250 mm).
  • BFW make - BMV 70 series VMC (X-1500 mm, Y-800 mm, Z-800 mm, & Table size 1500 X 800 mm).
  • ELB Make surface grinder for precision grinding having sizes 2000 mm X900 mm within 20 micron accuracy.
  • Blanchard Make Rotary Surface Grinder. Dia.770mm
  • ROSSI make Hydraulic press for resin molding process.
  • Range:-1) 450 X 900 mm
                    2) 1000 X 1500 mm.
  • In-House CAD/CAM facilities for innovative design.
  • In house Blank machining facility for suitable delivery time.