Fluicer PD 68

Fluicer PD 68 is an efficient liquid dispersant agent for ceramic glazes with a high solid content to obtain a lower viscosity and a levelling action. It is suitable for glazes with high content of Ca-Mg cations on the suspension.The product can be added directly in the glaze under stirring or it can be added in the mill before grinding.

Chemical base:

Synthetic polyelectrolyte.

Chemical and physical specification:

Appearance : liquid, transparent, colorless or yellowish;

Solubility : water-soluble;

Density : 1270-1310 g/l at 25 °C

Safety data sheet:

Labeling according to EC directives: not relevant.

Packaging and preservation:

If properly stored, it keeps for at least 12 months. Fluicer PD 68 is available in 1000 kgs tanks or different size drums.

Recommended application ratio:

From 0.05 to 0.3 % on dry content of the glaze.