Produkt KG 9033

Produkt KG 9033 is a levelling agent for glazes applied with Double Disc and Airless or Bell, it is able to eliminate the most important defect of the glaze application (foam and problems of levelling). Produkt KG 9033 is a very fine product to eliminate the repellence effect of the glaze applied on the digital printing decoration.

Chemical base:

Ethoxylate/propoxylate polymer.

Chemical and physical specification:

Appearance : transparent liquid;

Solubility : complete in water;

Density : 1015-1025 g/l at 25°C.

Shelf-life / Packaging:

12 months when stored properly.

Produkt KG 9033 is available in drums of different size or containers of 1000 kgs.

Safety data

Labelling according to EC directives: not relevant.

Recommended application ratio:

The product can be added to the glaze on line and the optimal dosage is in the range 0.02% - 0,2% for double disc and airless, 0,5-2% for bell application. Add Produkt KG 9033 under low stirring and wait 10 - 15’ before use.