Granicer 7068

Granicer 7068 is a binder and suspending agent specific for traditional grits. The resins in the solution provide for a good application versatility: the product can be applied by airless, double disc or bell system. Granicer 7068 is rheologically developed in order to get an excellent suspending power

Chemical Basis

Ethylene oxide derivative and organic polymers in aqueous solution.

Chemical and physical specification

Appearance : Opaque colorless liquid

Solubility : Water-soluble

Viscosity : 4000 - 5000 cps at 30°C

pH : 7-9 at 25 °C

Safety data sheet

Labeling according to EC directives: Labeled.

Packaging and preservation

If properly stored, it keeps for at least 6 months. Suggested storage temperature: from 5°C to 35°C Available in drums of 50 Kg and tanks of 1000 Kg

Recommended application ratio

Product Double Disc / Airless
Grits 100
Granicer 7068 20-40
Water for recipe 40-50
Water for final application 0-30
Ford Cup 04 (s) 16 – 20”