Advantages Of Antimicrobial Compounds

We live amidst bacteria, fungus, viruses, pests, and more. The new strains of viruses keep developing, putting our life at risk by causing severe illnesses and fatalities. Despite deep cleaning, the molds and bacteria continue to grow. Under such a scenario, it is imperative to devise a solution to meet these challenges. Antimicrobial Products are an effective solution to kill microorganisms and prevent their growth.

Antimicrobial compounds can be incorporated in almost anything and everything. The manufacturers provide antimicrobial compounds in polymers, textiles, sanitizers, soaps, tiles, building materials, plastic, etc.

Antimicrobial benefits

Long-lasting hygiene: It functions to free the surfaces from bacteria and create long-lasting hygiene.

Destroys germs: Antimicrobial substances destroy and suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more on objects and surfaces.

Public places: The antimicrobial ingredients can keep our homes, schools, offices, and public places clean and hygienic. The hospitals and clinics use antimicrobial products to kill germs on floors, walls, medical equipment, etc.

Human safety: By preventing the growth of microbes, antimicrobial compounds keep people from getting sick. It protects human health and prevents the spread of infections to other people.

Odour free: One of the main features of Antimicrobial Compounds is that it eliminates terrible odour from the surfaces and products.

Industrial applications: Antimicrobial protects industrial processes like water treatment systems, food processing, packaging cooling towers, air conditioning, etc., prone to microbial growth. The industries like paper, leather, foil, glass, and textiles.

Controlling animal disease: Antimicrobial agents guarantee food security by preventing the transfer of zoonotic pathogens from animals to humans and controlling animal diseases.

IPNR Endura Antimicrobial Compounds

After extensive research and development, Prism Johnson successfully invented a highly effective antimicrobial compound called GERMGUARD.

GERMGUARD is a Multifunctional Antimicrobial Compound which is formulating the chemistry of silver. It is an antimicrobial agent that prevents bacteria and fungi from growing. It strongly resists the detrimental impact of microbes on the products and surfaces. The manufacturers guarantee a permanent antimicrobial activity by incorporating GERMGUARD in the end product.

IPNR Endura GERMGUARD Features and Benefits

IPNR Endura has been catering to the needs of niche industries by providing research-based innovative solutions.

Features of GERMGUARD:

• It is inorganic

• It can be used with many types of products

• GERMGUARD is safe and non-toxic

• It destroys more than 99% of bacteria

• It offers heat stability of around 1300 degrees Celsius

The superior quality Industrial Product GERMGUARD adds value by:

• Making the product more hygienic

• Keeping the product fresh

• Extending the longevity of the product

• Leading to permanent antimicrobial activity

There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. A cleaning product without antimicrobial ingredients cleans the surface but does not kill its germs. Antimicrobial Compounds with their long-lasting impact are helping improve the health and overall quality of human life.