Revolutionizing Ceramic Surface Design: The Power of Digital Inks

In the dynamic world of changing design preferences, innovation is the heartbeat that propels the industry forward. One of the most ground breaking innovations in recent years is the emergence of digital inks. At Endura, in collaboration with Ceramco- Z&S, we proudly present DIGI-INK—a remarkable range of vibrant digital inks that are reshaping the art of tile decoration. In this blog, we'll delve into the transformative impact of digital inks on ceramic surface design and why DIGI-INK, crafted with the latest German technology from Zschimmer & Schwarz (Z&S), is leading this revolution.

Digital Inks: A Paradigm Shift in Design

Digital inks represent a paradigm shift in ceramic surface design. Unlike traditional printing methods, digital printing technology offers precision, versatility, customisation and boundless creativity. The linchpin of this transformation lies in the quality and attributes of the inks themselves.

The DIGI-INK Advantage

Here's why Digi Ink is at the forefront of this revolution in digital inks for tiles:

German Technology Excellence: DIGI-INK is the product of cutting-edge German technology from Zschimmer & Schwarz. Renowned for its quality and performance, this technology embodies precision and reliability.

Unrivaled Precision: The heart of superior digital ink lies in its particle size distribution. DIGI-INK boasts an extremely fine and uniform particle size distribution of stains, preventing clogging of print-head nozzles. This level of precision ensures that each tile receives an impeccably detailed design.

Reduced Ink Consumption: DIGI-INK combines vibrant, high-quality prints with reduced ink consumption. With a higher stain loading, it delivers exceptional results while minimizing ink usage. This not only translates into cost savings but also aligns with sustainable practices by reducing environmental impact.

Optimal Print-Head Performance: DIGI-INK incorporates a specially designed medium that enhances efficiency and ensures peak print-head performance. This synergy between ink and medium results in consistent, high-quality prints, tile after tile.

Self-Cleaning Properties: A distinctive feature of DIGI-INK is its self-cleaning property. This attribute contributes to the extended life of print-heads, reducing maintenance and downtime for tile manufacturers. It's a testament to the product's reliability and efficiency.

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In conclusion, digital inks, especially the revolutionary DIGI-INK range, are redefining the landscape of ceramic surface design. With precision, reduced ink consumption, and self-cleaning properties, these inks are indeed the future of the industry. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in ceramic surface design, we invite you to explore the limitless creative opportunities that DIGI-INK brings to the table. It's a journey into a world where every tile becomes a canvas for innovation and artistry, ushering in a new era of ceramic excellence.

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What are the benefits of using digital inks?

The benefits of using digital inks include fine particle distribution to prevent nozzle clogging, higher stain loading for reduced ink consumption, and self-cleaning properties for prolonged print-head life.

What are the different applications of digital inks?

Digital inks have various applications, including tile decoration with digital printing technology, ensuring vibrant and high-quality designs.

Who is the leading supplier of digital inks in India?

The leading supplier of digital inks in India is Endura brand – Prism Johnson Limited in association with Z&S, offering TRUCOLOUR (TC) range of digital inks for tile printing, made using advanced German technology.



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